Sheridan Security

Intruder Alarms

Sheridan Security install wired and wireless alarm systems for both domestic and commercial premises.

  • All installations are fully compliant with EN 50131 standards.
  • Sheridan Security PSA license number is 01778

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‘Intruder Alarm Systems’ are designed to protect the physical assets within an occupied/unoccupied premises and to provide a safer environment for occupants. ‘Intruder Systems’ deter crime and vandalism, whilst enabling a co-ordinated response in the event of an intrusion.

An ‘Intrusion System’ must firstly detect the intruder. This is best achieved by a ‘holistic approach’, by installing a combination of detection devices throughout your premises. Commonly deployed intrusion detection devices include:

Movement Sensors

Break Glass Sensors

Vibration Sensors

Duress & Hold-Up Alarms

Door & Window Devices

Ensuring a functional and successful ‘Intruder Alarm System’ requires careful consideration, selection and configuration of the control panel and detection devices in order that the level of risk identified is ‘controlled and ‘mitigated’, thus allowing for intrusion events to be detected reliably, whilst reducing the occurrence of unwanted and wasteful false alarms.